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There are a Variety of Ways to Get Into Shape

And one of the most efficient ways to get your body into shape is to start lifting weights. You should not overlook weight lifting because it does not involve building bulging muscles all the time. When you weight lift you should think about it as a way to make your body healthy.

What kind of a body do you want? This is what plays a factor in how much you should be lifting. If you are looking to tone up a little bit and slim up your body then you probably do not have to lift all the time. Yet if you are really trying to get into shape then you should write down a fitness regime you want to practice and start following it.

There is a lot to gain when you lift weights. You help build muscles first of all which makes you stronger. Then you help your posture and spine become stronger because of all the endurance you put your body through. In addition to all of this your body also becomes healthier in general because you are clearing up your bloodstream by making your heart healthier.

If you are lifting only 50 pounds then don’t think that you are going to increase that by 100 in a couple of weeks. You should go into weight lifting with reasonable goals. Good weight lifting goals to have are to increase the maximum you can lift to 5-10 pounds a week. When you make it so that you can manage how much you are increasing your goals are a lot easier to achieve.

Make sure that you are fueling your body appropriately. Before your workouts you are going to want to have the right amount of carbohydrates so that you have enough energy to complete all of the tasks you set forth for yourself. Then you are going to want to eat a lot of protein after your workouts and during the week as you rest to build back all of the muscle tissue you lost.

When you do dedicate the time to weight lift make sure that it is at a reasonable time of the day. Avoid weight lifting too early in the morning because you might not be energized enough to complete a good workout. Also try not to weight lift at the end of your days because this might mean that you are too tired.

Remember that weight lifting does not have to mean that you have to have bulging bicep and triceps. If you are comfortable with what your current limits are to weight lifting then you can avoid making your muscles bigger by doing more reps of the same weight or lesser weights. What this does is not build muscles as much but builds your endurance up.

Over time as you get comfortable with weight lifting you can mix up your strategies. Every individual is unique, remember that. So try out a regime that is beneficial for you and see where your efforts take you throughout your fitness efforts.

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